Dissertation discrete time control systems

Geometric integrators are numericalintegration methods that preserve geometric properties of continuous systems, such as conservation of the symplectic form, momentum, and energy. They alsoguarantee that the discrete flow remains on the manifold on which the continuous system evolves, an important property in the case of rigid-bodydynamics.

In nonlinear control, one typically relies on differential geometric and dynamical systems techniques to prove properties such as stability,controllability, and optimality. Despite the critical role of geometry and mechanics in Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

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Primary Literature 1. Benettin G, Giorgilli A On the Hamiltonian interpolation of near to the identity symplectic mappings with application to symplectic integration algorithms. Springer, New York Google Scholar. Hemisphere, Washington, D. Google Scholar. Springer, Berlin Google Scholar.

Discrete-time optimal preview control

Hamberg J General matching conditions in the theory of controlled Lagrangians. Hamberg J Controlled Lagrangians, symmetries and conditions for strong matching. Elsevier, Oxford Google Scholar.

In: Proceedings of the American Control Conference. Toronto, Canada, 28—31 Augustpp — Google Scholar. Moser J, Veselov AP Discrete versions of some classical integrable systems and factorization of matrix polynomials. Xiu D Efficient collocational approach for parametric uncertainty analysis. Books and Reviews Springer Google Scholar.Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline.

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dissertation discrete time control systems

Hazell Published Mathematics, Computer Science. The field of Preview Control is concerned with using advanced knowledge of disturbances or references in order to improve tracking quality or disturbance rejection.

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Areas of application include guidance of autonomous vehicles, robotics and process control. This thesis studies Optimal Discrete-Time Preview Control, in which the controlled plant is assumed to be unconstrained, linear and discrete-time, with a preview horizon that extends for a fixed time into the future.

View Paper. Save to Library. Create Alert. Launch Research Feed. Share This Paper. Background Citations. Methods Citations.

Figures, Tables, and Topics from this paper. Figures and Tables. Citation Type. Has PDF. Publication Type. More Filters. Research Feed. An efficient algorithm for discrete-time I preview control.

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Optimal preview position control for shifting actuators of automated manual transmission. View 1 excerpt, cites background. Self-scheduling robust preview controllers for path tracking and autonomous vehicles. Rear-heavy car control by adaptive linear optimal preview. View 2 excerpts, cites methods. Optimal path-tracking of virtual race-cars using gain-scheduled preview control. Highly Influenced.

View 6 excerpts, cites methods. View 1 excerpt, cites methods. Car driving at the limit by adaptive linear optimal preview control. Performance enhancement of limited-bandwidth active automotive suspensions by road preview. View 3 excerpts, references background. View 3 excerpts, references background and methods. Influence of preview uncertainties in the preview control of vehicle suspensions.

Tracking sensitivity and achievable I performance in preview control. Highly Influential. View 7 excerpts, references methods and background. Deterministic LQ preview tracking design. Optimal preview control applied to terrain following flight.Toggle navigation.

ScholarsArchive OSU. Advanced Search. Home Graduate Thesis Or Dissertation. Discrete-time explicit model reference adaptive control for robotic manipulators Public Deposited. Copy link.

Discrete Control Systems

For industrial robots and manipulators, which usually have highly nonlinear and complex dynamic equations and often have unknown inertia characteristics, it is very difficult to achieve high performance with conventional control strategies.

This desired high performance in terms of speed and accuracy can be obtained by adaptive control techniques. Considering the effects of gravity, process noise and payload uncertainty the MRAC approach is investigated using simulation for a three degree of freedom industrial robot. These simulation results show that adaptive control techniques can provide robust properties in spite of poor a priori information regarding the robot dynamics and operating circumstances. Committee Member Laursen, Harold I.

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Relationships Parents: This work has no parents. Yuh, Junku. In this dissertation a direct approach to discrete-time model reference adaptive control MRAC based on hyperstability theory is proposed to control industrial robotic manipulators.

Doctor of Philosophy Ph. Mechanical Engineering. Oregon State University. Holley, William E. Laursen, Harold I.

Graduate School. Manipulators Mechanism. Copyright Not Evaluated. English [eng]. File scanned at ppi Monochrome using Capture Perfect 3. Press to Select an action Download.Rotstein, Hector P. Dissertation Ph. Abstract is included in. In order to formulate a problem in the [ If some of the specifications have the form of hard time domain constraints, the task of finding weighting functions that achieve a satisfactory design can become arduous.

Control of uncertain systems : state-space characterizations

In this thesis, a theory for constrained [ Specifically, the following time domain constrained problem is solved: given a number [ Constraints are only imposed over a finite horizon, and this allows the formulation of a two step procedure.

In the first step, the optimal way of clearing the constraints is found by computing a solution to a convex non differentiable problem. In the second, a standard unconstrained [ The final controller results from putting together the solution to both subproblems. The objective function for the minimization, and the solution to the whole problem are constructed using state-space formulas.

The ellipsoid algorithm is argued to be a convenient procedure for performing the optimization since, if carefully implemented, it can deal with the two main characteristics of the problem, i.

The validity of assuming constraints over a finite horizon is justified by presenting a procedure for computing a solution that gives an overall satisfactory behavior. For clarity of exposition, this thesis starts by discussing a very special instance of the problem, and then proceeds to give the solution to the general case.

Also, a benchmark problem for robust control is solved to illustrate the applicability of the theory. Repository Staff Only: item control page. A Caltech Library Service.

dissertation discrete time control systems

Constrained H[infinity]-optimization for discrete-time control systems. Citation Rotstein, Hector P.

dissertation discrete time control systems

Thesis Files. More information and software credits. Item Type: Thesis Dissertation Ph. Sideris, Athanasios. No commercial reproduction, distribution, display or performance rights in this work are provided. Imported from ETD-db.Lu, Wei-Min Control of uncertain systems : state-space characterizations. Dissertation Ph. Abstract is included in. A central issue in control system design has been to deal with uncertainty and nonlinearity in the systems.

In this dissertation, an integrated treatment for both uncertainty and nonlinearity is proposed.

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This dissertation consists of two relatively independent parts. The first part deals with uncertain linear systems, while the second part treats uncertain nonlinear systems.

In the first part, the problem of control synthesis of uncertain linear systems is considered. A linear fractional transformation LFT framework is proposed for robust control design of uncertain linear control systems with structured uncertainty. Linear parameter-varying systems whose coefficients depend on some time-invariant unknown parameters are treated in a general algebraic framework; both the stabilization and the [ For uncertain linear systems under structured perturbations, robustness synthesis problems are characterized in terms of linear matrix inequalities LMIs in the LFT framework.

A generalized PBH test is also used to characterize the robustness synthesis problems. Moreover, a separation principle for the control synthesis of uncertain linear systems is revealed.

The machinery also streamlines a number of results concerning the analysis and synthesis of multidimensional systems. In the second part, the problem of control synthesis for nonlinear systems is addressed; stabilization, [ In particular, locally and globally stabilizing controller parameterizations for nonlinear systems are derived; the formulae generalize the celebrated Youla-parameterization for linear systems.

Both nonlinear [ The [ A systematic treatment for [ Finally, the problems of stability and performance robustness analysis and synthesis for uncertain nonlinear systems subject to structured perturbations with bounded [ Computational issues are also addressed; it is confirmed that the computation needed for robustness analysis and synthesis of nonlinear systems is of equivalent difficulty to that for checking Lyapunov stability.

Repository Staff Only: item control page. A Caltech Library Service. Control of uncertain systems : state-space characterizations. Citation Lu, Wei-Min Control of uncertain systems : state-space characterizations. Thesis Files. More information and software credits. Control of uncertain systems : state-space characterizations Citation Lu, Wei-Min Control of uncertain systems : state-space characterizations.

Item Type: Thesis Dissertation Ph. Doyle, John Comstock. No commercial reproduction, distribution, display or performance rights in this work are provided.

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dissertation discrete time control systems

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